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We are able to work on all controls and drives but specialise in Giddings & Lewis

Specialist in NS III, IV, and VI, CNC 800A & B, CNC 8000A, B & H, Numeristation, CM9000 and Siemens 840d  Controls.

Getty’s, Gould, Allen Bradley, SSD and Eurotherm drives.

All feedback systems.

Competitive rates

We can of course help you source new parts and arrange to have most faulty pcb's and drives repaired.
Please feel free to contact us about Service & Spares.

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Laser Work

We use Renishaw lasers

  • to reset Inductosyn scales after damage or during Planned Maintenance
  • to apply error compensation to improve  accuracy where this option is available
  • as part of "Life Cycle Monitoring"*

*"Life Cycle Monitoring" allows the Customer to determine if and when intervention is going to be required to correct geometry or drive setup by using brief weekly or monthly checks.
There is no need for annual geometry "just in case" and reduced risk of being "caught out" when a critical job turns up. This allows work to be scheduled and overhead reduced.
Please contact us for more detailed information.



Control & Drive Retrofits

It's great when your control and drives are new and reliable as in the new G&L pictured above, but what about twenty years later? The machine still cuts well and is accurate but reliability is a major issue, what now?

We can give your machine a new lease of life using Retrofit Control and drive packages for a fraction of the cost of a new machine.
Please don't hesitate to contact us for a quotation.